At first we were excited by the idea of designing a new logo for The Rolling Stones, though it was hard not to compare the original logo of the band with the one that we were designing. But cut the crap!, we had to admit that the Tongue logo was unbeatable. That is why we decided to take the opposite direction, to venerate that wonderful logo, to raise it to the place it deserves and celebrate it. So we designed a virtual gif sanctuary for it, a pagan shelter where all its followers could go each time we needed to be enlightened by the wild darkness of rock & roll. A shrine where to beg the immortal Keith Richards to give us one of his thousand hectic nights. This is a place to go to meet our lowest instincts and to be proud of having them. So, let´s roll the rock as we pray "Praise the bourbon…"

www.gifstones.com // www.nosotroscinco.com/
  • THE FALL: Alexandria´s Dream